Friday, 8 January 2010

Christmas, Snow And All That Jazz.

So aside from my little confession earlier I've been pretty quiet lately. Last time I posted I mentioned my new job which has of course contributed to my silence - I've got quite a long commute and I'd been putting in quite long hours in my first couple of weeks to fit around
the schedules of my new colleagues who've been showing me the ropes - so the last thing I want to do at the end of a day in that kind of situation is contribute yet more mental effort (aside from learning 3 dozen new names and a fuck-tonne of new science) towards composing any sort of worthwhile blog entry.

Then came "The Holidays". Work closed on the 23rd and reopened on the 5th of January. In between that time I had my first Christmas away from home - this year spending it instead with my girlfriends family in England. T'was certainly different - some of that for the better,
some for the worse :p. On the whole it wasn't a bad few days, and spending the festive season with Helen was certainly worth it, even being asked who I was every 5 minutes (not kidding or exaggerating) by her senile grandpa who was actually a lovely man, wish I could have got to know him before his memory had degraded.

Christmas being Christmas I got a bunch of new stuff some of which I look forward to talking about in a great deal more detail later on :D Suffice it to say for now that I've finally given in and got me a current-gen HD capable console.

On to New Year!

Well we didn't actually do anything, it was just me, Helen and a couple of bottles of booze. It wasn't much, but everyone who matters was there.

And now it's back to work. I've just finished Day Number Two back, am (was, didn't finish) in fact writing this on the bus home, it's a slow start due to the nature of the work, certain things have to be done before we can actually start, and these things take time!
Oh, and before I forget: Bloody Snow!
Never in my life have I seen snow lie for full weeks in Scotland, this year it has, tonnes of the stuff, everywhere, the BBC have a satellite image of the UK and the whole thing is white top to bottom, the only visible greenery in the whole of the British Isles is a smidgen at the bottom of the Republic of Ireland.
I've seriously had enough. It makes my commute to and from work hellish, the snow on its own wouldn't be so bad, but the sub-zero temperatures make the trek from the bus stop to work and back really difficult, hurts to breathe out my poor nose so I end up pulling my scarf over it and breathing out my mouth which leads to major glasses steaming :( it's not fun. And of course the pavements are all fucked, snow over ice, it's all bumpy and hard to tread on, takes twice the length of time to walk anywhere.
Fuck snow! piss off for another year eh?
freedoms_stain, cold, out.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

I've become addicted

To Rice Krispies Squares.

I fear for my loved ones...

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