Monday, 30 August 2010

I Never Learn

At least, this is how it feels sometimes.
The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west, therefore when I get on the train/bus it's always always ALWAYS gonna be the same side of the train/bus that has the eye searing, brain melting sun beating down upon it preventing me from reading, pissing about on my phone or even thinking (which I find a near impossibility in any sort of heat).
Given the severe disadvantages of the sunny side of the vehicle (from my perspective anyhoo, some people may enjoy partial blindness and liquified warm brains draining out their ears) you'd think I'd have learned to pick a suitable seat by now eh? No. Not really. You see as a particularly long-legged gentleman my 1st criteria is generally leg room. Most public transport is either ancient or designed (I can only assume) as midget transport, therefore I often find myself sitting in the middle of bus seats splayed to such an extreme degree it's a hairs breadth from pain.
And the thing is, after you've sat down there's a bit of mental prohibition to actually moving. It's weird, I don't know what it is, but it feels like once you're arse is on a seat one should not move it until one has arrived at their destination. Really a bizarre state of affairs.
I can only conclude that I am insane.
I've been freedoms_stain, squinting at his phone screen through the eyeball searing sun, but hey at least this train is air conditioned, out.

Ipod Earphones Fucking Suck

Whenever you're on the train, on the bus or at their relevant respective stop or station and you can hear music emanating from the head region of some nearby and seemingly totally oblivious individual you can, with an almost 100% hit rate look for the white line and trace it to one end which will reveal a gleaming set of Apple earbuds (likely one sharp head movement away from making a bid for freedom) and to the other where you will find some form of iPish clutched previously in their sweaty little hands.
This happens because Apple earbuds are shite in almost every conceivable way. That's ok, a massive %age of pmp's (portable music players) come with shite headphones. You're supposed to stuff them in a drawer to be dragged out and used for a short while when the decent pair with decent bass response and minimal noise-bleed (you bought because pmp's always come with shite earphones) pack it in and you're waiting for an opportunity to get your hands on a replacement set. That's the deal. That's how it works.
But not, it seems, if you own a pmp made by Apple.
Ordinarily I'm an "each to their own" type guy, but this is NOT each to their own, it's to everyone within a surprisingly large radius.
Therefore I implore thee Apple earbuds wearers, if yours are the type that act more like ear-mounted mega-speakers than personal earphones get em the fuck in a drawer and buy yourself something with decent sound insulation and start enjoying your music more! That's right! Hear the bass and all the other frequencies in glorious clarity! Spend enough and you can even get some noise cancelling or at least reducing earphones then you can find out how to adjust the volume to a value less than 100%! (wouldn't that be a novelty)
I've been freedoms_stain, cheers, ta, goodbye.